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5 x Re Facial Serums - Luminous Skin Solution Treatment AM/PM_5x30mL

RE FACIAL SERUM ANTI-AGING TREATMENT SERIES Designed to address most common and apparent skin conditions that brings challenge for women of all ages to achieve flawless, younger looking skin. Understanding skin and it’s needs brings effective solutions for the best daily skin care regimen and helps to address possible undesired age sings on our skin before they appear. It helps to keep luminous, radiant skin look with minimum effort.

Re - PURE VITAMIN C SERUM COLLAGEN BOOSTER - Benefits: Boosts Collagen Production, Brighten dark Spots, Even out skin tones and texture, Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, Enhances skin clarity

Re – RETINOL SERUM INTENSE REPAIR & REGENERATION BOOSTER - Benefits: Reduces signs of aging, Promotes reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, Boosts Collagen Production, Firms and lifts skin, Enhances skin clarity and elasticity, Brightens sunspots and hyper pigmentation, Evens out skin tones and texture .

Re - 24K GOLD ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM - Benefits: Stimulates collagen production, Promotes cell regeneration, Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines,

Re -EGF REPAIR SERUM REJUVENATION BOOSTER - Benefits: Repairs damaged skin, Fades out acne scars and pockmark, Promotes cell regeneration, Stimulates collagen production, Reduces fine lines

Re - HYALURONIC ACID SERUM HYDRATION BOOSTER - Benefits: Deeply hydrates and plumps skin, Prevents development of fine lines and wrinkles, Boosts Collagen Production, Minimizes scars, hyper pigmentation, age spots, Reduces puffiness and skin inflammation

TREATMENT: Use it in the morning and night alone or combining with your moisturizer after cleansing and toning your skin. For best results apply 5 drops all over the face and neck.

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