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Bellapierre Eyeshadow Glitter Kit - Aurora Glimmer

Unleash your inner artist as you adorn your eyes with a symphony of shimmer and sparkle with the Bellapierre Eyeshadow Glitter Kit. The kit features Colour Stay (9ml) and 4 of your favourite Cosmetic Glitters.

Cosmetic Glitters can add some sparkle to your life! For some added va va voom apply these beautiful glitters to eyes, hair, lips, body or even to your favorite bubble bath to liven up your bath time! Our ultra-fine loose cosmetic face and body glitter is FUN, versatile and extremely brilliant. Put shimmer and sparkle anywhere you want. 

Featuring Freesia, Glamour, Wild Pink, Bling Bling (Sift jars - 3.5g each)

Bellápierre Colour Stay can be applied to the eye area or any other area you plan to apply Bellápierre Cosmetic Glitters. This will ensure longer wear and precise application.

As an eye shadow Use with Bellapierre "Color Stay". This will allow you to adhere glitters and prolong their staying power.

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