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Re Retinol - Cleanser, Toner & Multi-Peptide Serum - Trio Pack

Regarding Skin Treatments are designed help women of all ages achieve flawless, younger looking skin. Understanding skin brings effective solutions for the best daily skin care regimen to enjoy luminous, radiant skin look with minimum effort.

Re Trio Pack includes: Retinol Regenerating Cleanser Re-balance sebum production for fewer acne breakouts and clear complexion with Re Retinol Regenerating Cleanser. The first step in daily skincare routine to reduce pore size and revive skin for smoother texture and glowing look.

Retinol Refining Toner Intense skin cell renewal for visibly improved elasticity and firmness with Re Retinol Refining Toner. Robust formula to minimise appearance of fine lines and even out discoloration for soft, radiant and younger looking complexion.

Multi-Peptide Serum Renewal Booster Re Multi-Peptide Serum Renewal Booster – Benefits: prevents skin damage caused by free radicals, diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces skin inflammation and redness, stimulates collagen production for skin elasticity, tones and tightens skin

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